Nothing Matters But The…

These days, people would rather be a runner than actually run.  Worse yet, being seen as a runner is most important than running.  If a runner runs in the woods and no one’s around to see them, does that run count?

Nothing matters but the run.

The hottest clothes, the best gear, the latest shoes … but no admiring co-workers or flattering stares from other runners.

Nothing matters but the run.

Membership at the hippest gym?  Check.  Photo op with fitness celebs?  Already tweeted.  30-day nutrition challenge with your friends?  Facebook updates twice daily.  Running a PR in the rain far from home ….. ?

Nothing matters but the run.

Undefeated pre-season.  Lifetime best lifting sessions.  You’re lean, you’re jacked and you’re in the starting lineup, facing opening day in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Nothing matters but the game.

The guy to your left is benching 325.  The guy to your right is flexing his triceps for his buddies.  And the girl in front of you won’t stop doing exaggerated yoga stretches at the mirror.

Nothing matters but the lift.


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