Location and Pricing

We are where you are!

Life is lived in the world, not just in a gym.  We build our workouts around the facilities and equipment that are available to you, and that will give you the best results and the most enjoyment for your workout.  Training sessions can be held at your home, office, local parks, trails, tracks …. anywhere you want to be fit!  Many of workouts require no more equipment than your body and a floor.  We will NEVER require you to purchase a gym membership or workout equipment.

Not in Austin?  Not a problem!  We work remotely with many of our clients – we send you your workouts with written descriptions, pictures, and video, and we can even Skype a workout for immediate, one-on-one feedback wherever you may be.


All new clients start with a 1-hour biomechanical and fitness assessment (like a mini-workout that allows us to see how you move and get an idea for your current fitness and performance status).  We will provide you a written report of the assessment, which will include our outline of how we would approach your training and several options for the way ahead.  The fee for the assessment and written report is $50, which is applied to your first payment if you choose to train with Atlas Coaching and Performance.

Our pricing structure varies based on the number of in-person sessions per week, the number of at-home workouts provided, and the length of the training block.  We will always provide you with at least 3 pricing options in our written report of the assessment.  We have never turned away an athlete for financial reasons.


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