How we do it

Our Approach

The Long View: We are committed to you, the athlete, for however long it takes to achieve your goal.  We’ll structure your training plan around a competitive season, off-season, or a goal race, and work with you to build strength, speed and endurance for a lifetime of running.  We don’t promise quick fixes… we achieve results.

Individuality:  No two athletes are the same, so why should two athletes ever have the same training plan?  We’ll examine the road behind you as well as the road ahead to develop a training plan that is tailored to you and your goals.

Whole > Sum: A runner is more than just legs, a pitcher is more than just an arm… In sports and in life, you function as a single integrated unit.  Atlas Coaching and Performance trains the whole athlete, not just its constituent parts, with a focus on biomechanics, sport-specific full-body strength and coordination, nutrition, and sports psychology.

Science and Education: Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.  But to obey the laws you first need to know the laws.  Atlas Coaching and Performance is committed to using only scientifically-valid and evidence-based strength and conditioning techniques, rehabilitation practices, and nutritional guidance.  Additionally, we are here to teach you, the athlete, how to use your body to its fullest potential.  We encourage curiosity and questions at all time – if you’re ever wondering why you’re doing a particular exercise, or a given workout, or a certain number of miles or reps, ask us!  We will never give you an exercise without a solid foundation for doing it.  So go ahead, ask us why!


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