Youth Training

If there are two things children have in abundance it’s energy and potential.  Why waste a drop of either?  We work with children and youth of all ages to develop the skills, habits and love for sports that will keep them running, jumping, climbing and playing, setting the stage for a lifetime of activity and, if they’re so inclined, competitive sports.  Our training can be a complement or a replacement for organized club or school sports.  We also offer a holistic Physical Education (including sports and nutrition) that can be integrated into any home-school curriculum.

Our first priority?  Enjoyment!  Too many children think of sports as a chore – or worse, that it’s just like school.  Is it any wonder, then, that they grow up to think running is a punishment?  Like adults, children will do the things they enjoy the most, and we work to put sports and activity high on that list.


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